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About Us

We are a local dance studio in LaPorte, Indiana that was created in 2017. We have a strong philosophy that believes every student should have the opportunity to learn and grow as a dancer in a safe and welcoming environment. 

In March of 2018 we were awarded to Studio of Excellence award by the ADCC (Association of Dance Conventions & Competitions) for working together as a team and striving for excellence.

In July of 2018, we became certified in Rhythm Works Integrative Dance for all ages and all abilities.

In August of 2018, we began our Wingman for Dance program to strengthen our studio philosophy and encourage everyone to go above and beyond! 

In August of 2019, we became a CLI Studios partnership program member which allows us access to 150+ top industry choreographers and teachers. 

In November 2022, we became a provider for the Indiana ESA program allowing children with disabilities in our community to access our dance classes. 


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Meet our Staff

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Team Coach

*Certified RWID teacher*

My name is Kristin, and I am the owner of DFLP LLC Studio. I graduated from Hope College with a bachelor's degree in elementary science education with a dance education minor. Also, I received my Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Andrew's University which I plan to specialize in pediatrics. In addition, I have received my Rhythm Works Integrative Dance, RWID, teaching certificate to adapt dance/gymnastics classes for students with special needs. As a young girl, I took gymnastics and dance classes at local studios. I was trained in gymnastics on floor work and beam. My dance training includes tap, ballet, pointe, lyrical, contemporary, modern, jazz, hip hop, acrobatics, and a little bit of folk social swing. Growing up I performed in local recitals, at nursing homes, in parades, and I competed at the regional & national level. During my high school career, I was chosen to pursue a dancing position in a film titled "Through the Looking Glass". I began teaching dance over 15 years ago beginning with dancers/tumblers age 1.5 and continuing to teach in more advanced classes. I love to strengthen the student’s technique in a fun and active manner. I focus on encouraging each student to try his or her best to ensure the highest level of success is achieved! 


My name is Ymunique (pronounced: I’m Unique)! I was a member of the Pom & Dance team for four years at La Porte High School. I am currently attending the Speech Therapy program at IUSB. My favorite dances to teach are Hip Hop, poms, and team. I took ballet and choreography throughout high school & I plan to continue my involvement in dance beyond high school. I’ve always loved working with children. I am so excited to be a part of a community with such young, interactive minds. I’m ready to share my passion for dance at DFLP, LLC studio!


Team Coach

My name is Grace, I have been dancing for 12 years. I have always loved to teach; I love the challenge, but I also genuinely enjoy the opportunity to share what I know and love with younger dancers that also love it and want to learn it too. I don’t have a favorite style of dance to teach because they all have their own amazing things about them. In recent years my adoration for musical theater has heightened and it brings me so much joy to see how many others are learning to love it as well. Currently outside of dance I have been experimenting with a variety of art mediums and gardening. I thoroughly enjoy creating and learning new ways to do so. 


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Team Coach

My name is Jenna and I have been dancing for a little over 9 years now. Assisting and teaching dance has given me the chance to share my love of dance to my students and pushing young dancers to be the best they can be, which is my favorite part of teaching. I love teaching styles such as jazz, ballet, acrobatics, integrative and assisting in tap, but my favorite class overall to teach is jazz. Outside of dance I enjoy sewing and wish to continue exploring the art of doing so!

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Team Coach

My name is Megan. I began dancing at the age of three in Schaumburg, IL. Throughout the years, I have enjoyed dancing for local events, being a part of professional dance company performances of the Nutcrackers, and competing.  I continued my dance education at Ball State University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science – Chemistry Education with a minor in Dance Performance.  After graduating, I moved to Indiana full time and started teaching Chemistry at Michigan City High School.  I am looking forward to sharing my love for ballet and other dance forms while being part of the DFLP, LLC studio!

Meet our Assistant Teachers

My name is Erandy. I have been dancing for 9 years. I teach CDM, gymnastics/acrobatics, beginner level classes, parent & me, and dance combo. My favorite age group to teach is 3–5-year-olds. My favorite style to teach is jazz and acro. My favorite part of being on the DFLP LLC staff is watching the students grow up to be dancers and gymnasts. Personally, I take acrobatics, tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, improvisation/composition, lyrical, & contemporary. Outside of dance, I enjoy baking cake pops, going to my friend’s house, and drawing!

My name is Lilly. This year is going to be my 5th year of dance and my 3rd year teaching. I love teaching at the studio because I love helping kids learn to express themselves in a new way. My favorite style of dance to teach is the CDM classes. I love to dance myself because it is a different way to express yourself through movement. My favorite styles of dance to do are Hip Hop, Tap, and Contemporary. When I am not at the studio, I like to hang out with my friends, paint, and cook.

My name is Emma. I have been dancing for about nine years. I enjoy all types of dances but recently my favorite has been musical theater. I love helping kids learn all the new dance techniques. I take pride in helping kids learn dance. I continue to grow as a dancer by passing my love of dance on to others. I want to be a teacher when I get older and enjoy having this experience to help with classes. My favorite classes to teach are CDM and tap. 

My name is Elaina.  I have been dancing since I was 4.  I love all of the dance styles, but if I had to pick a favorite, I would have to say it is a tie between Hip Hop and Tap!  My favorite style of dance to help teach is tap, but I enjoy helping in any of the CDM and beginner classes.  My favorite part of being an assistant is seeing all the growth in the girls!  I love being able to help them improve their technique and to see their self-confidence grow!  In my free time when I am not at the studio, I enjoy being in theater productions and playing soccer!

My name is Leah Beth. I have been dancing for four years now, and I’m assisting for my second year. My favorite styles of dance are ballet, jazz, and acro. I love assisting because I am not only learning more about teaching, but also helping younger dancers learn about dancing. Also, I like seeing the progress that the dancers are making. Outside of dance I enjoy snuggling with my dog, reading, making bracelets, and practicing my acro tricks. I am excited to be part of the assistant teaching program this year. This year will be a blast!

My name is Leah. I started dancing 7 years ago and I have danced with DFLP LLC ever since. My favorite style of dance is hip hop, but I have also taken classes in ballet, tap, jazz, and pointe. I am an assistant teacher for beginner classes, and I enjoy assisting with beginner hip hop the most! My favorite color is yellow, and my favorite food is Italian pasta salad. 

My name is Kazyual (Pronounced Casual like the clothing). I have been dancing for 3 years. I decided to become an assistant because I love seeing dancers have excitement while dancing. Their smiles bring my heart joy. My favorite type of dance would probably be Jazz or Tap. Outside of dance, I love to do other activities like painting or baking. If I had to describe assisting in one word, I would call it inspiring.

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